Mustache Transplantation and After

Mustache has a different meaning for men. The mustache that behooves the masculinity creates an aesthetic appearance with the beard. The mustache may not grow in some men. In some cases, it grows thin. The aesthetic image may be distorted in this case. Your mustache may be thicker and bushy with mustache transplantation. The transplantation process is the solution also for those in whom hair growth is absent in the mustache area due to genetic reasons.

Who Can Have Mustache Transplantation?

1- As in other categories, skin examination is performed before mustache transplantation. Irritation or cuts on the skin under the nose may affect the transplantation. Therefore, the skin under the nose should be scrutinized.

2- Sufficient width of skin is required under the nose for transplantation. The structure of the skin must be suitable for transplantation. Genetic disorders in the upper lip may prevent transplantation. Cleft lip, burns, and similar disorders can also be problems in transplantation.

3- Burns, sutures, and genetic problems under the nose prevent the transplantation. Viable skin tissue is required for transplantation. The area under the nose should be suitable for transplanting.


The First Stage in Mustache Transplantation is Blood Analysis

A blood analysis should be performed before transplantation. Patients with hepatitis B and cardiac disorders should declare their status before the blood analysis. If there is no obstacle for the operation as a result of the analysis, the transplanting process is started. Leukemia, heart diseases, diabetes, and similar diseases should be declared in advance.


Measures To Be Taken Before The Operation

1- Blood-thinning drugs should not be used for two days. Aspirin and similar blood thinners prevent blood clotting. Cardiac medications have thinning properties and should not be used for two days. Regularly used medications should be discontinued for several days. Situations to affect the operation should be determined priorly.

2- Foods that thin blood should not be consumed either. Blood-thinning foods such as lemon and lemon salt should not be consumed. Milk thins the blood. Yogurt and other dairy products cause the thinning of the blood. These foods should not be consumed in the last two days before the operation. Necessary measures should be taken for healthy mustache transplantation.

3- The patient should come to the clinic rested. Operation duration depends on the number of grafts. For a higher number of grafts, the operation lasts longer. The patient should, therefore, be rested.

4- Turtleneck sweater type of clothes should not be worn. The mustache can be caught into the clothes while taking off the clothing. As a result, bleeding may occur. It is recommended that the patient should wear comfortable clothing. The patient should be comfortable.

5- Intoxicating food or drinks should not be consumed. Especially alcohol should be avoided. Alcohol has intoxicating capacity. The procedure would not be performed in a patient who is under alcohol intoxication. Alcohol also thins the blood.

6- The patient should be present at the clinic on time. Our company working with an appointment system, appoints a certain period of time for each patient. If an emergency occurs, the appointment may be postponed.


Mustache Transplantation

The first stage in this category is the anesthesia procedure. In the anesthesia procedure, the area under the nose is anesthetized. The back of the head is also anesthetized. The bristles on the back of the head are harvested with a special technique. These samples harvested are called grafts. Grafts are picked up and lined one by one. They are then transplanted in the area under the nose. You can give the shape you want in this transplanting process.

The structure of the mustache occurs the same as the hair behind the head. The root of the hair taken from behind the head is quite durable. The hair behind the head has long-lasting properties. The patient has the right to state the final word about the shape of the mustache. In mustache transplantation, grafts are not used as many as in hair and beard transplantation. The amount of graft transplantation is arranged according to the size of the area under the nose. Malformations in the upper lip can be covered up with mustache transplantation.


After The Transplantation

1- As in all transplantation operations, it is necessary to rest after the mustache transplantation.

2- Due to the delicate nature of the face tissue, it is necessary to rest as recommended. As the person walks around, the tissues on the face move. Bleeding may occur. Therefore the individual should lie on the back.

3- Heavy lifting and heavy work can also cause swelling.

4- Smoking should absolutely be avoided. Smoke getting out of the mouth may cause an infection. Therefore, it should be avoided.

5- Alcohol and similar harmful beverages should be avoided.

6- The individual should talk as little as possible. Particular attention should be paid to this in the early days. The face should not be washed for the first two days. You can then wash your face with warm water. Skin cream and similar creams should not be used.

7- Swelling may occur. That is natural. The swelling resolves shortly after. When itching occurs, scratching the area should be minimized. Otherwise, the grafts may be damaged.