Hair Mesotherapy

Hair loss is a condition that happens in anybody. In men, hair loss starts at the top of the head. The front parts are then shedded. In the last stage, the upper part is completely shedded. A hair mesotherapy application is a method that prevents hair loss. In this method, it is aimed to strengthen the hair follicles.

Air pollution and some types of hair care are other causes of hair loss. Problems such as hair-splitting are also eliminated with this method.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

It is the injection of substances such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which are necessary for hair roots, under the scalp. Special thin-tipped needles are used in this process. The weakening of the hair follicles causing shedding is eliminated by this method.

What are the Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy?

The roots of the hair are weakened for many reasons. Stress, genetic causes, cancer, and hair with inadequate nourishing result in hair loss. With this method, the roots are nourished and strengthened. This reduces shedding visibly.

Gradually, shedding decreases. Hair loss is reduced. In addition to the strengthening of the roots, the hair strands become thicker. Thus, the appearance of the hair becomes beautiful. It reaches a healthy structure with its bright and thick appearance. Generally, those who prefer this treatment are satisfied. 

To whom and how many sessions is it applied?

This method has no side effects. It is a method performed by administering natural vitamins to the roots. It can be applied to anyone, young or old. 

The number of sessions of this application is decided according to the structure of the hair. Variables such as the age of the patient and the condition of the hair determine the duration of treatment. The depreciation of the hair is another important issue that determines the duration of treatment. The root structure of the hair also determines the duration of treatment. The condition of the hair strand as thin or thick determines the course of treatment. All these conditions are examined, and treatment is started. One or two sessions are performed weekly.

It Is A Method that Prevents Hair Loss

Nowadays, hair loss occurs in women and men. This application can be applied safely in every part of your head. It is a preferred method in the category of prevention of shedding and treatment of baldness. It accelerates the metabolism in the root of the hair. It also eliminates the infection that occurs.

The amount of blood flow that provides the viability of the skin and the nourishes the hair follicles starts to increase. These vitamins, which nourish the follicles, making the hair appear fresh, alive, and bright. Shedding is reduced by providing the hormonal balance. The strands become thicker since the lack of vitamins that cause the hair to split is prevented. 

It is a method to support the hair transplantation process. This method is applied six months after the transplantation. The newly transplanted hair is strengthened with the application of this method. It makes the hair grow strongly. It also plays an active role in the development of new strands by strengthening the weak roots. 

What are the Benefits of this Method?

1- It significantly prevents hair loss.

2- It leads to the thickening and strengthening of hair strands.

3- With the strengthening of the root, the life of your hair is extended.

4- With this method, which stimulates the follicles, weak roots under the skin are stimulated. As a result of this stimulation, it starts to grow above the skin.

5- With the strengthening of the skin, dandruff is eliminated.

6- Growing roots vitalize the color of the hair. Thus, the problem of whitening is eliminated. The appearance of vivid and healthy hair is also vivid.

7- The problem of shedding is significantly eliminated.

8- Hair has a silky appearance. It becomes voluminous and soft.

9- Women prefer this method more.

In Whom Is This Method Not Applied?

Subcutaneously injected vitamins are naturally mixed with the blood. Therefore, this method is not suitable for some patients. This method is not suitable for;

1- Pregnant women,

2- Breastfeeding women,

3- People with immunological diseases,

4- People with cancer,

5- People with diabetes,

6- People receiving anticoagulant (blood thinner) treatment,

7- People receiving mesotherapy treatment.

Other Characteristics of Treatment

This treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes. An injection is applied to the layer between the fat and tissue in the scalp. The treatment is performed with the injector called mesotherapy gun.

The sessions are performed once a week, and an 8-weeks treatment is performed. The results are obtained five weeks after the treatment. Therefore, the patient should be patient. There are no side effects or allergic reactions. According to the dermatologist report, it can be used for dandruff. There are many causes of dandruff. When the cause becomes apparent, a treatment program can be created.