What is Hair Transplantation?

One of the frequently asked questions in the field of health is the question of what is hair transplantation. It is a technology-supported hair transplantation method. It has been developed based on the current demands and complaints of individuals and has taken its final form.

People who want to have hair transplantation can use the phone and internet points actively to make an appointment. The areas which don't pose a threat to health are immediately transplanted. All of the devices used in this area are as technological as the application itself.

To Whom Can Hair Transplantation be Made?

Generally, hair transplantation is done to prevent many hair problems. Among these, there are studies for people who have problems with "hairlessness" due to various reasons. It is an ideal method, especially for men who have chronic hair loss with andropause. Those who have hair related health problems because of hormones and genetically related reasons can also choose among the appropriate hair transplantation methods.

In addition, hair transplantation methods have been developed for those who lost a part of their hair because of an accident. Necessary reinforcements are made for local hair loss, which is caused by the use of various drugs or face surgery. There is no obstacle in the hair transplantation of people who have had hair transplantation before but are not satisfied with the results.

Since it is an entirely natural and approved application, there is no age limit. For emergency situations, children can also benefit from the advantages of this process just like adults.

How to Do Hair transplantation?

There are many methods of hair transplantation in the sector. However, the most preferred and recommended way is known as FUE. After the first examination, preliminary preparations are made for the operation. Performing various blood tests is the first chain of this process.

The front forehead area is marked with special markers. The necessary calculations made here are of critical importance for successful hair transplantation. Then, how much graft will be removed is calculated. Nuchal roots are usually selected as the donor. However, in some cases, hair roots can be taken from the shoulder and back.

In the next stage, the hair should be shaved. This operation must also be carried out by the person performing the operation. Local anesthesia is applied for this practice instead of general anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure.

Finally, hair roots taken from the donor area are placed on the scalp. The patient can relax at home for a few days. However, there is no obstacle in participating in social life directly after the operation. The advice of the specialist should be considered, and in the first few days, clothes such as shirts and jackets should be worn.

Hair Transplantation Sessions and Times

Hair transplantation is generally started and completed in one session. The duration of a single session may vary from person to person. While there are sessions ending in 2 hours, there are also sessions lasting up to 8 hours.

What are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation?

1- Fast and safe application: hair transplantation method with Fue and Swedish techniques is an application that is considered safe both in Turkey and worldwide. It's giving the fastest results, and meeting the demands are shown to be among the most significant advantages.

2- Natural appearance: Natural hair appearance requested by patients is made possible by these techniques. Its most notable difference from wigs is that it creates an entirely natural image.

3- Affordable prices for all: With the increasing popularity of hair transplantation, prices have also become affordable. A preliminary interview can be held to be informed of the rates available for each budget.

4- Completely natural technique: it is performed with hair roots taken from the neck and other donor areas. The body does not show any allergic reactions. It is also preferred because it is both healthy and natural.