What is Hair Mesotherapy?

The primary question those who are interested ask curiously is, “What is hair mesotherapy?”. This practice, which has been in our lives for the last ten years, has become increasingly popular in the last few years.

It is applied by injecting many vitamin components needed by hair in a complete medical and hygienic environment. Healthy and natural results can only be obtained when it is applied by doctors and beauticians.

Vitamins in Hair Mesotherapy

All the vitamins that hair cannot obtain naturally are included in this application. The component called keratolytic comes first. In addition, amino acids and other vitamin particles are also injected into the scalp through fine-tipped needles.

Step by Step Hair Mesotherapy

First of all, it is necessary to make an appointment and pass the preliminary examination. Certain diseases can prevent hair therapy. Sessions can be delayed by waiting for the recovery from these diseases. During the examination, patient complaints are listened, and a scalp examination is performed.

In the first stage, a unique vapour method is applied to soften the scalp. This process lasts for 4 to 5 minutes in total. Afterward, the first operation on the scalp is carried out with small needles. This process includes specially produced mesotherapy needles. The drugs contained in these needles are injected, respectively. After all the drugs are fully injected, the washing process begins.

After solution-based washing, the hair is left to dry. A particular cure is applied to prevent the scalp from feeling pain and increasing the effectiveness of the drugs used. At the end of all these procedures, the first session is completed.

How Many Sessions are Necessary for Hair Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy applications do not have a standard session scale. Since it is entirely personalized, the sessions are determined at the first examination. It seems possible to get effective results in a minimum of 4 sessions. However, the number of sessions for hair with more severe problems might be up to 8. It has a lasting effect for one year. There is no medical drawback to re-perform it later.

What are the Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is being applied as a standard method worldwide because of the advantages it offers. When it is evaluated in terms of price-performance, it is known that it meets the demands of the ones who are interested in.

1- Direct and effective results: Mesotherapy applications bring accurate and effective results. There is no long waiting period. After the first session, the vitality in the hair begins to show itself permanently. When the session periods are completed, the desired results are obtained in terms of both aesthetics and health.

2- Cost efficient sessions: The most crucial benefit of this application’s getting more and more popular is decreasing prices. Millions of people around the world can now participate in mesotherapy sessions at very affordable prices. In some cases, there is also the possibility of paying in installments. Application centers can be contacted for detailed information.

3- Not requiring general anesthesia: Many people do not want to have an operation for aesthetic reasons. Also, many people are afraid of general anesthesia. However, this operation is not a surgical procedure. For this reason, certain drugs are injected into the hair area only. Although people are not under anesthesia, they do not feel any pain during the session.

4- Addressing the majority: Hair mesotherapy is suitable not only for women but also for men. Therefore, it addresses the majority. Children who have complaints of early hair loss and folliculitis can also undergo mesotherapy under the supervision of families.

5- Approved and scientific: All drugs used in hair mesotherapy are scientifically supported. Hyaluronic acid, which is administered safely, is a natural supplement produced by the body itself. Therefore, there are no permanent side effects.