What are Hair Transplantation Methods?

Hair loss can be experienced due to many different reasons. Hair loss adversely affects people's daily lives. However, this situation is no longer a problem nowadays. With new methods developed, hair transplantation has become possible. The processes where natural results are achieved have made many people happy.

The process of placing healthy hair follicles in the hairless area is called hair transplantation. The most effective method to be used for hair loss is hair transplantation. Thousands of people prefer this method in our country. Hair transplantation is performed by experienced doctors. After the operation, the patient can obtain healthy and natural-looking hair.

Hair Transplantation Methods

Genetic or age-related shedding is the most common hair loss. Those who experience this problem now find the solution in hair transplantation. Many people are looking for the answer to the question of what the hair transplantation methods are. However, the priority issue in hair transplantation is to find reliable experts.

Hair transplantation procedures can be performed in different ways. These methods are known as FUT, FUE. In both techniques, hair, root transplantation is performed. In the FUT technique, there is a line-shaped scar in the area where the hair is taken. There is no scar in the FUE technique.

You need to get an expert opinion on which method should be applied. Very effective and successful results are obtained from hair transplantation practices. Hair transplantation prices are determined by the number of hair follicles to be planted.


It is among the traditional techniques used in hair transplantation. The procedure is performed by removing the thin scalp. Hair follicles that are taken are divided into one unit. The scalp is then carefully sewn again. Compared to other methods, the FUT technique is slightly more economical.

Because of the fact that hair is transplanted in a group in the FUT technique, natural growth is achieved. No damage is given to hair follicles that are healthy during canalization. During transplantation, hair follicles are cleaned from unnecessary tissues, and high-quality transplantation is done.

Local anesthesia is given to the patient during the FUT technique. In this method, hair transplantation is performed collectively. When the patient has a large hairless area, this method is completed more quickly. FUT technique is not applied and preferred a lot today.

FUE Hair Transplantation Method

The FUE technique can be applied to both men and women. This method has a very high success rate. In the FUE technique, the most top quality grafts are used, which increases success. Grafts are taken professionally by experts from the healthy donor area. The patient's natural appearance is ensured after the operation. The wounds that occur after the procedure heal quickly and become unclear.

FUE is the most recommended hair transplantation technique today. The number and interval of the sessions are determined according to the patient's condition. More hair follicles can be taken in the FUE technique. Transplantation is carried out with a fine tip device. For this reason, a short time recovery is achieved.

Hair Mesotherapy Method

Hair mesotherapy is the preferred method for thin hair and hair that sheds over time. In the hair mesotherapy method, minerals and vitamins are injected into the scalp. The hair mesotherapy process is beneficial for hair. In this process, the hair cells are stimulated to act. Effective results are obtained when shedding starts.

This is effective only when hair is shedding. The reason for hair loss can be because of the blood circulatory system disorder. The shedding caused by this condition can be prevented by the method of hair mesotherapy. With the hair mesotherapy method, hair becomes stronger. After the application, the hair strands become thicker and lusher.

Sometimes people who try this method may not need hair transplantation. When it is applied after hair transplantation, the process provides more efficient results. With this method, you can manage to save your hair, which has just started to shed.