How is the Next Process after Hair Transplantation?

In hair transplantation, another issue that is as important as the practice of hair transplantation is the things that should be considered after the procedure. How is the next process after hair transplantation? The answer to this question that many people who want to have hair transplantation are curious about is also important to achieve an effective and lasting result.

First 48 Hours Following Hair Transplantation

Care must be taken to ensure that there is no contact with the relevant area within the first 48 hours after the procedure. A hat that fits precisely on the head can be used to protect the transplanted area and also camouflage it. Putting the relevant area under the protection of the hat will provide control against unwanted external influences.

For the health of the hair follicles, it is essential to regulate the sleeping position for two weeks and to support the head circumference in a non-destructive manner with hard pillows if necessary. Sleeping on your stomach during the two-week period after the operation is definitely not recommended. Also during this time, the selection of clothes should be paid attention to. Considering the possibility that each contact will damage the newly planted hair follicle, open front, and baggy clothes should be preferred.

What May Damage the Hair Follicles?

Activities that may damage the hair follicles within 15 days following the operation should be avoided.

All kinds of sport activity

Turkish bath & sauna & solarium

Swimming and Hairdresser services can be listed in this group.

These can damage the hair follicles and increase the risk of infection. Hair can be shaped with the help of scissors at the end of this period. The first washing and cleaning in the transplanted area can be done after 48 hours. Cleaning, which should be done with gentle movements, will be done by the team that performed the operation. After washing, a towel should not be used, and the head should not be dried by the blow dryer.

Can a Journey Be Made After Hair Transplantation?

It is recommended to use a neck pillow for the ones who need to set out on a long journey after the operation because leaning on the seat or the window puts pressure on the hair follicles in the transplanted area.

* Blood thinners and especially aspirin should not be used for the first seven days after the operation.

Don't smoke on the day of hair transplantation and 24 hours after the operation. It is recommended that smoking and alcohol consumption be kept under control and preferably not consumed in the first month. The patient is told by the doctor what to do and not to do after the hair transplantation. There is no reason why hair transplantation should not be successful if advice is paid attention.

Keep Away From Stress!

It is known by everyone that stress causes hair shedding. People who shed their hair, especially due to stress, are expected to keep themselves away from these situations after the operation. The patient may feel pain and fatigue after the procedure.

Local anesthesia applied during transplantation is the leading cause of this situation. In the first hours after the operation, pain killers recommended by the doctor may be used. Complaints are not permanent, and within a few days, all negativity will be completely eliminated.

In case of an incorrect lying position, there may be swelling due to edema in the area. Measures should be taken to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Scabs and scars on the scalp will heal in a short time in patients who use their medicines properly and give importance to hygiene. Growing hair should be cleaned with cosmetic products recommended by the doctor. After the first 15 days, hair may shed during washing. This is a quite natural process.

Goodbye to Aesthetic Concerns

Hair transplantation, which is a medical practice performed with aesthetic concerns, gives very successful results with proper location selection, giving importance to the advice and regular controls. Considering recommendations in the post-transplantation period is at least as necessary as the operation itself. In order to achieve the expected result, it is enough to be careful and follow the rules.